Hello all.  I’m Poorva, a student. i’ve started this blog for I love writing , also, maybe because I love talking about myself. I would say I’m quite a complex person, processing too many thoughts at once in my mind.

If I have to describe myself, I’d say-

 independent, highly ambitious, well-organized, intuitive, honest, sensitive, emotional fool, dependable, very girly, extremely short-tempered, lazy, suffering from self-diagnosed OCD. 

A quote I read once, “Those who don’t know me think I’m quiet and those who do wish I was.”. this can be applied to me perfectly.

I love reading. Can’t live without books. I also love watching movies and TV. I love my family more than anything else in the world. I also love chocolate. Just love it.

I can go on and on, talking about myself. So for more, read my blog 🙂


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