A beginning

Okay. So here’s my first post (not literally). Starting this blog and writing took quite a lot of thinking. Not really thinking actually. I was sure I want to start but wasn’t sure if I want to express my thoughts this way. See, I’m getting all muddled up.  Okay, let me start again.

I’m more on the introvert side, in general. But with my friends, with whom I’m comfortable, I don’t hide anything at all. And I speak A LOT. But I’m not very comfortable writing down things about myself here, at least right now. But since I love writing, I hope to overcome my introvert-ness. I haven’t told any of my friends or family about this blog, for the sole reason that I’d feel awkward if they read this. I have no clue why I’d feel that way, but I most probably would. Only strangers are reading this, is okay with me. For now.

There are a lot of reasons I’m starting this blog. One, mentioned above.

Another could be because I love talking about myself. My sister calls me a show-off, though I disagree. I just like talking about myself, is that such a bad thing????

Another benefit, by default, is that writing here is going to help me practice for the exams I have to take in the near future. This includes CAT(for MBA) and GRE(for MS).

And, considering my current state of mind, I definitely need an outlet for my highly confused, complex, muddled-up thoughts.

So, enough for my first post. Would soon be back with more.

P.S. frankly, I don’t think ANYONE in the world is going to read this stupid post, but I’d love to be proven wrong.