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fervour :)

I have just closed my event for the online fest of fervor, 2012. It was an event for blog writing. A wonderful experience 🙂

I absolutely loved all the entries and much more than their writing (which was great, let me tell you), I loved everyone’s spirit! 🙂

Choosing the winners was extremely difficult to me and so I decided not to take the decision by myself.

Here are all the entries that took part 🙂 enjoy reading 🙂














Writer’s block.

Yes it was definitely a huge writer’s block that I was suffering from since so many months. And now that this block is going away, I’ve got innumerable thoughts rushing to come out.

All thoughts different from one another, and so I sincerely hope they don’t get muddled up and I’m able to put them on this blog nicely.

The blog entries I’ve posted today are proof of all the overflowing thoughts in my mind. Hopefully, I’ll order them up soon.   

 P.S.Coming back soon my readers!


Blogging is certainly an experience that no reader should miss out on in life.

Yes, I say reader and not writer because every reader, fond of good literature (like me :p ) has too many thoughts, opinions, views on things, and expressing them by putting them on MS word (the bloggers’ paper) feels absolutely amazing!

I, for one, have been thoroughly enjoying the writing process. There are many reasons for this.

Mainly, I get to do a lot of research. That is, a lot of reading.

And I love that.

In the process of reading more and more blogs, I came across some very well written and well presented girls’ fashion blogs. Being a crazy fan of all things girly, I seriously wish to write a fashion blog or I might just convert this one into a fashion blog. But not right now!  

I, particularly liked this one-

It’s a wonderfully written blog and they’ve showcased their belongings in an amazing manner.

Not having a dearth of accessories myself, I too have started taking snaps of my own belongings for putting them up online sometime in the future.

RSVP:::::  I haven’t taken permission from the owners of this blog, so if you guys are seeing this and have any kind of problem in me posting your link here, please comment here (repondez s’il vous plait), I would remove this link!

I’m also getting to know a lot of new things about my own self, which of course I’d be putting up here soon. After all, this blog is about I,me,myself.

It also feels great to know that someone, in this world is actually reading what I write. 🙂

P.S. I also made a very significant observation about my writing habits. I add a “P.S.” at the end of every post. It was totally unintentional till now, but now I plan to keep it in every post.