Diwali-The festival of lights

A very very happy diwali to all 🙂

In all of my 20 years, I’ve not yet understood the fun in bursting crackers. And I don’t think I ever will.

What really does one get out of them?  Except for tons of pollution. I might be more sensitive to the pollution because of being allergic to smoke, but even for those who aren’t, my question remains the same, what oh what do you get, guys?

Okay, you burst a cracker, say a bomb, then what, a lot of noise, smoke?? Where is the fun?

I totally see the point of rockets et al, they look really pretty up in the sky. But why the ones which give only noise???

Why can’t we all celebrate this beautiful festival with a lot of diyas, lights, clean and decorated homes, lots of sweets (my favourite part), gifts and most important of all- family ! 🙂

Anyway, a very happy and prosperous diwali everyone. Enjoy yourselves, in whatever way you wish to  !! 🙂

 P.S. I happen to be scared of the loud crackers…. So, pleaseeee don’t burst them!!