I am….

We all have so many thoughts all the time, so many diverse feelings. These feelings make up our entire being and that’s who we are. Since I’m going through a phase right now with infinite thoughts and feelings I want to know for myself who I am right now. So, here we go.

I am….

…. Feeling terribly irritated at fate , for not letting me complete my 9fasts this navratra season, and which I so badly wanted to.

…. absolutely elated at having so many people around me who love me and care for me immensely.

…. Thankful for having that one special someone who’s making my life so sweet these days.

…. In a terrible dilemma about my cell phone. It’ll be one complete year for me with my present phone, something new for me, and yet I’m still in love with it. Anddd yet, I still crave for a new one. Hah!

…. extremely miserable about not being able to keep up my reading as it used to be. The feeling of not being able to put down a book without finishing it is being terribly missed.

…. more optimistic than ever, about life in general.

…. desperate for learning crochet perfectly.

…. Getting much less of my usual heavy bouts of crying-over-no-significant-reason. And so many more of laughing hysterically. 😀

…. wishing I had more than 24hours everyday! So much to do, isn’t there?

…. Head-over-heels in love with ballerina flats. Aaah… how can anyone resist them!! ❤

I AM, on the whole, high on life!! 🙂

P.S. i love being so random and so crazy!! 😀


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