Happy new year :)

First of all, I want to wish you all a very happy new year.  I know I’m terribly late but I’d been kind of busy.

But here I am now! 🙂

I hope 2012 brings loads and loads of happiness to all of u.

This year started with a lot of changes.

Firstly, after around 6 years my parents, my sister and I went on a holiday. It was a wonderful change from the monotonous and depressing routine that had formed in our household since last year.

We went to Goa, the city of joy, on 1st January and had a lovely time.  

Then, we’re all “kind of” learning to live as a family of ‘5’ instead of ‘6’ as till last year. The first death anniversary came and went. Yes, we still remember her but now it’s slowly becoming nostalgia instead of crying at every memory.  Which is nice, isn’t it?

My parents have always somehow been extremely paranoid (can call it a little too protective, which isn’t really that bad) when it comes to my sister and my safety and well-being. This is changing too. Bit by bit. I was finally allowed to go on a trip with my college friends. And not at all hesitatingly. Instead they very eagerly wanted me to go out and do things myself, start becoming independent.

And so I went to Amritsar on 1st February. 2 trips in 2 months, not bad huh?

I’m slowly also coming back to my positive self. A little bit of background info…. I used to be an extremely negative person till about 4years ago. Then a friend changed things for me. He made me positive about how I look at the world. But things last year made me paranoid about everything. But now, I’m back! I’m positive (maybe reading “The Secret” again after 3years helped) I’m cheerful. Yes there is a lot of sadness inside but I’m sure as hell going to convert it into happiness soon. This positive attitude is much stronger than I’ve ever had. And it’s going to stay! A voice creeps inside me every time I’m scared, which tells me, “nothing can be worse than what you’ve already seen and even if it is, you can handle it!”

To a large extent all this is happening because of the negativities last year. Because c’mon after hitting rock bottom, you can only bounce back up! And that’s what my family’s doing- trying their best to bounce back up! I also credit this blog for helping me.

And sorry to disappoint the people who actually read my blog, that I’m going to write quite a few of “self-help” posts, which I doubt will “help” anyone other than me.

p.s. a very ‘ranting’ kind of a post but bear with me, I’m writing after quite some time and I’ll b here soon with better stuff 🙂


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